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Texas Ethernet stands for Efficient, Fast and Reliable metro Ethernet.  You can’t do business without having a cost effective solution for your business needs.  Using the internet can be expensive if you choose the wrong service provider or you are not sure of your options.  Metro Ethernet can help to reduce your overall monthly IT bills.  The network is easy to manage which means that you will not have to invest in a high tech IT team or in new equipment.  We take care of your Texas Ethernet at an affordable price.

So how do we keep your costs low?  When you use an internet connection like T1, Bonded DS1 and DSL, your ISP and local phone company must work together to provide you with an internet connection.  By going through the phone company this adds hefty costs to your monthly IT bills and creates multiple points of failure that you cannot risk while doing business.  With Texas Ethernet, the local phone company is eliminated.  You are able to simply connect directly to your ISP.  This eliminates the heft telephone company cost and reduces the multiple points of failure.

We have scalable services, flexibility, efficient convergence of your applications and a reliable source of metro Ethernet.  We also set up your metro Ethernet service in less than four weeks rather than making you wait months for installation.  If you want to learn more about Texas Ethernet or just have a few questions to ask about metro Ethernet then don’t hesitate to contact us now.  We will also provide you with a fast free Texas Ethernet quote.

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